Young adults

Young adults

To become a young adult is a stage in the family life cycle of great importance. When not resolved, it can have many emotional implications in future stages. The young adult’s task is individuation, to become a human being separate from his family.

What are the necessary changes in this stage?

  • Develop identify outside the family
  • Intimacy outside the family
  • Professional interests

The symptoms (anxiety, depression) appear when there is a blockage to move to the following stage in the family life cycle.

How to be yourself and at the same time remain close to the family? Some young adults think that moving away from the family they reach their independence. Unresolved issues will travel with them and conflicts could be repeated in future relationships.

What are the most common problems that bring young adults to my consultation room?

  • I have stress, my heart goes fast, feel anxious, suffer from insomnia
  • I cannot be myself with my family
  • I don’t think I am good at anything. I have lots of negative thoughts
  • I have difficulties finding a stable relationship
  • My relationship with my father/mother is difficult
  • I have difficulties adapting to my job environment
  • I cannot concentrate in my studies; I can study for many hours but it does not show
  • I recently came to Barcelona and I am finding it difficult to adapt and I don’t know why because I was looking forward to coming