Couples testimonials

Couples testimonials

“As a marriage, we were at a point of no return, we thought. Couple therapy seemed our only chance to fix our marriage. It was not easy, there were many wounds to be healed, but Dr. Connie knew how to solve one by one all the problems that had led us to our impasse. She gave us tools and methods to avoid repeating past mistakes. Thanks to her we have saved our marriage and we are happy, again. Not only I recommend her services for those who feel how we did, but I recommend them in general to learn to work for the relationship” (Man, 37 years)

“Although I came from a background that basically wouldn’t have considered therapy, because of the old fashioned notion of that it perhaps showed mental instability, weakness, or even the fear of revealing too much of ones real self, for me it turned out to be a medium ” to bear my soul” about my relationship with my wife. This is something I never would have been able to do, to such an extent with a family member or friend. The absolutely neutral and objective way our therapist looked at our “problem” made us re-focus the way we dealt with our relationship and start changing confrontation to the beginning of an understanding or acceptance of our differences. For the first time in our marriage, we have started giving ourselves the private “space” that every person needs. Therapy has taken the agitated edge out of my marriage and has helped us re-gain respect for one another as individuals.” (Man, 52 years) “Never having been in therapy before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After being treated for breast cancer, I decided to contact Dr. Capdevila on recommendation of a friend. I thought it would be easier that the therapist could have all the answers; it would be a quick-fix. For me, it turned out a dual exploration, my emotions and my relationships, and realized it takes time. And it doesn’t all happen during the sessions. To get the most out of it you must be prepared to do some work on your own at home.” (Woman, 46 years)

“When we came to see Dr. Capdevila the first time we were both highly anxious and distressed and our marriage of only a few weeks was very close to breaking up. Having a neutral person to listen to us both and help us to negotiate difficult subjects and feelings immediately began to take the heat out of things. Being able to speak in both Catalan and English as necessary was important so that both of us felt we could express ourselves properly. Some of the exercises that we did in the consultations were helpful. When we started, we were both suffering huge anxieties and were unable to communicate these to each other or understand them without making things worse. Coming to couple’s therapy has felt like untangling a ball of wool. Dr. Capdevila helped to slowly unwind us in a safe environment and allow us to identify what was happening to us individually and as a couple. We still have things to learn but our relationship now has been restored and we are a happy and contented couple.” (Woman, 38 years, Man, 30 years)

“We got more than expected. We talk more. We could not talk about difficult issues. We learned techniques. She sees now that I care. I can express my feelings assertively.” (Man, 47 years). “We are more open and tolerant with each other. We present a united front for children. I learned not to please others justifying myself. He is closer to our children.” (Woman, 39 years)

“The sessions have provided me with the tools to examine my behavior and accordingly correct it to more suit my needs. It was a very positive step towards self development and definitely a helping hand concerning my marriage and the rest of my family.” (Woman, 45 years)

“We went to Dr. Capdevila’s office for her experience and knowledge. In a few sessions, she identified the origin of our differences and gave us the necessary tools to solve them positively. Today, I can say that it was the best decision that I could have taken and, thanks to her, our relationship is better than ever, after 31 years of marriage. When all seemed lost, she was able to redirect our situation and lead us to a good place.” (Man, 55 years) “At the beginning, when I initiated the couple’s therapy, I felt disoriented, confused with very low expectations about the future of my marriage. As we moved ahead, Dr. Connie showed me that my relationship had solution.  I learned to know myself better and to resolve the communication problems I had with my husband. After three months, my relationship has improved markedly, is very consolidated, and we have left behind all that did not allow us to feel happy”. (Woman, 50 years)

“I went with my expartner to see Dr. Capdevila because we had decided to separate and wanted to avoid problems to our son. After a couple of consultations focused on our son, we decided that I will continue in individual psychotherapy. I had thought about starting therapy for a long time and that introduction facilitated it. I had done other therapies before but they were mainly talking to alleviate feelings. Here I have practiced new ways to manage my emotions and behaviors. They are like tools. And I like it. I have learned to listen to my body. I give myself more importance and I love myself more. Little things, but at the same times very big. Other tools are more complex and required more practice and supervision.” (Woman, 29 years)

“We put into practice what we talked during the sessions. We are more communicative. A substantial change. We follow the steps to discuss issues. We have made a change of attitude.” (Woman, 53 years, Man, 54 years)

“We went to see Connie because of a number of long standing couple’s issues. From the start, we felt comfortable talking about our problems, which was the first step to resolve them. Thanks to Connie it was easier to understand the causes. We were guided to identify those attitudes and moments which led us to discussions and to be able to resolve our problems with more ease.”  (Man 39 years, Man, 37 years)