Testimonials group therapy

Testimonials group therapy

“Prior to starting the group I felt very anxious about discussing private areas of my life in open, in particularly to people I had never met before. Though contrary to this, I found the group to be a very safe environment, helping me to let my guard down and talk openly with people who have experienced and are experiencing similar problems to me.” (Man, 33 years)

“I had never participated in group therapy before attending Dr. Capdevila’s group. I have had issues with anxiety and depression for several years and thought the group might help. It did. Dr. Capdevila created a safe environment, and the other group members are extremely supportive. I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings, and found it to be very powerful to know that I am not alone in what I have been going through. I am looking forward to starting again in a new group.” (Woman, 46 years)

“My goal was to be more positive in different relationships. After the group experience, I think more, I can control my bad thoughts, I breathe before I react, and I am more in peace. Listening to others’ stories is helpful. I realized that feeling sorry for myself and worrying is a waste of time.” (Woman, 37years)

“I was terrified before hand. I had never talked about my story to people. My goal was bringing down the wall and I have made a big step. I have let myself be more open after my group therapy experience.” (Woman, 29 years)

“The group is a safe place. I looked forward to going. I was not alone. I realized I put a wall. I want to work on not setting too high expectations.”(Woman, 33 years)

“The group sessions held by Dr. Capdevila allowed me to find sanctuary and solace in a place where everyone was extremely open and honest. To know that I was not alone in my somewhat troubled way of thinking helped me enormously, I think one of the major aspects of being depressed and anxious is feeling alone and abnormal. The people I met were just like me, carrying on with their everyday lives but with a secret struggle. Together, with the help of Dr. Capdevila we worked through common issues and learnt how to recognise when we are associating certain situations with emotions from the past. I feel that I have learnt what “activates” me and I am now on the way to controlling these emotions and stopping them from overcoming me and ruling my life. I feel these group sessions were an invaluable part of my healing process.” (Woman, 30 years)