Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy offers a safe space where to resolve conflicts, improve communication, and recuperate harmony.

The family constitutes the base of the growth and learning for all human beings. It represents the center in which the child learns a model of relating, what to expect when he/she feels sad, when he/she has made a mistake, when he/she needs help, how to resolve conflicts, etc. As parents, we want to teach our children values and helpful tools to survive with success and to be happy in such a competitive society where we live in. However, we have to face many challenges that threaten the emotional equilibrium of our family.

What situations are resolved or benefit from family therapy?

  • Problems caused by external factors such as illness, job problems, moving
  • Situations implicit in the family life cycle changes (birth of a child, death of a family member, adolescence, divorce, empty next syndrome, etc.)
  • Behavioral or emotional challenges in a child or adolescent
  • Somatization problems (headaches, stomachaches, etc.)
  • Different phases of addiction treatment (complement to individual help, or to motivate to get individual help)

The statistics of family work with children who manifest behavioral or emotional challenges are very encouraging. Research shows that 70% of their parents observe improvement in the behavior of the child, in the sibling’s relationship, and school performance. In some situations, a combined treatment might be necessary.

What is family therapy?

It is a method in which the family is the unit of intervention. During the course of therapy, many or all members may be seen. Sessions may focus on individual members or relationship pairs within the family; however, the focus is a change in interaction patterns at the family level. The goal is to strengthen family resources and help family members collaborate to resolve individual and family problems.

We recognize the difficulty to get the whole family together and, as a result, we favor short-term treatment with clear objectives.

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