Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy

May be you have realized that you deserve something better. May be after a work problem, your partner has changed and you have less patience. May be you have gone through a health issue, and this has made you want to change your lifestyle. May be someone has commented about the amount of tension you support. May be you have been looking at how couples show affection to each other and you want to recuperate the good times… In any case, you have decided that you have to do something to change the situation. You have realized that your wish does not make conflicts disappear or resolve problems. And as a result, you have been thinking about seeking couple’s therapy.

When do couples seek help?

Research studies report that couples wait six years in average to seek help from the time when the first signs of problems arise.

The lack of time due to work responsibilities, children, or other, can place the relationship low in your priority list. The difficulties to resolve conflicts bring distance and pain. Couples pain and disappointment can accumulate and reach a point where you cannot take it anymore.

Nowadays couples face huge challenges, with the divorce rate close to 50%. Despite of this, we all recognize the importance and need to maintain, nourish, and grow in a stable affective relationship.

What are the benefits of couple therapy?

A recent study from the Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, indicates that 90% of people who go to couple’s therapy show an improvement in their emotional health and almost 2/3 admit improvement in general health and work functioning. At the same time, three out of four couples admit to have experienced an improvement in their relationship.

Couple’s therapy helps accept the disagreements and conflicts as part of the relationship that help us grow instead of viewing them as obstacles. In the sessions, you will “unlearn” the way that you learned to resolve conflicts in the past, with your parents, your siblings or at school. Finding your own way.

The themes for which you argue about (children, in-laws, money, sex, work…) serve us as a guide in the sessions to work on deeper themes, such as fear to not be loved, to fail, to be controlled, or to be abandoned. Sessions help you learn to communicate better your feelings and needs.

Why do couples seek help?

➢Communication problems

➢Disagreements about raising children

➢Disagreements about how and when to meet with in-laws

➢They wish to recuperate the spark in the relationships

➢They do not want to repeat models learned from their parents



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