Parent – adolescent conflict

Parent – adolescent conflict

Adolescence is a stage characterized by many changes and in all areas, physical, cognitive, emotional, and attitudes. It is the time between childhood and young adulthood, not an easy stage. As a result, it requires that parents are more aware of it and make changes themselves to treat their son or daughter as an adolescent and not as a child.

Maintaining a good relationship with your adolescent will lower the probability of behavior problems, smoking, abuse of alcohol, or getting into fights.

What situations can be resolved through a conflict management process?

The following are common presentations for Mediation between parents and teens:

  • House rules and curfew
  • Communication
  • House tasks
  • Friendships and relationships
  • School attendance and grades
  • Leaving home

How long does the process lasts?

It varies between one and four sessions, depending on the particular case.

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