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Families testimonials

“Seeking help from dr. Capdevila has been a very positive experience. My 13 year old son was unmotivated to study. He could not concentrate. He did not understand things and made him angry, feeling helpless and stupid. He did not want that we explained things again. He felt insecure. He had a private tutor for many years. Dr. Capdevila helped us understand that what was going on was not willful, he was not stupid, all the contrary. Now it is easier for him. He feels more content and confident. If he fails an exam now is because he has not studied. In the past, he did not prepare for the exam because he did not understand it. We are calmer at home. One year earlier we had consulted another psychologist who could not find any reason to justify an evaluation or treatment. “This is age related, the changes”. I insisted but he said we could do nothing for him.” (Mother of a 13 year old boy)

“We went because my 21 y.o. daughter was not feeling well, drinking and smoking pot. We realized that the situation made our younger daughter suffer. We argued over petty things. Now we can talk about important things directly, without having to keep it inside.” (Mother) “My wife was feeling low and did not want to go out. Our daughter had given us a couple of frights. I have realized that when someone is not well, I can talk instead of criticizing and raising my voice.” (Father) “Therapy has brought us closer. I have returned to school” (Daughter, 21 years) “Now I feel like helping my mother” (Daughter, 18 years)