Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Brief group therapy series

  • Self-development, managing emotions and self-esteem 
  • Improve your personal relationships, and overcome fears and anxiety.
  • Adults with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder

Group approach:

It combines psychoeducation with techniques used in the behavioral, cognitive, and brief therapy approaches applied to a group setting. The interaction with other members in the group, as well as with the therapist contributes to the therapeutic effect of this type of therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy strategies will be used to both identify automatic negative thoughts that you may have in reaction to social events/situations (“No one likes me”, “I won’t say anything interesting”) which lead to unpleasant feelings like shame, fear, guilt, or sadness, and challenge the distorted thinking replacing them with more realistic thoughts.

What group is appropriate for you?

Self-development, self esteem, and managing emotions

Anyone can benefit from enhancing their awareness, knowledge, and skills in emotional regulation.

This is a group therapy to treat adults who wish to raise their awareness, knowledge, and skills about their emotional wellbeing and self-esteem.

People who are emotionally reactive have a tendency to have mood problems (sadness or anger), feel vulnerable and easily flooded with feelings, have a tendency to want to please others, blame others, complain, or feel victimized.

If you were raised by parents who discouraged expressing anger, sadness, etc, or were very critical or unpredictable in their behaviors, the group can help you identify the scope of the difficulties and find ways to unlearn behaviors.

Emotions play an important role in our wellbeing and relationships. Positive and negative emotions have a function. We can react emotionally or respond to situations; excessive reactivity can become a barrier in your wellbeing and relationships. In the reactivity mode, emotions manage your life and in the response mode, you will manage your emotions.

Low self esteem results in a vicious cycle that involves lack of self-confidence, low effectiveness, difficulties in intimate relationships, and distorted perception of self and others.


Improve your personal relationships, and overcome fears and anxiety

This group is appropriate for you if you are currently experiencing social difficulties that can manifest in any of the following:

  • Avoiding certain social situations (speaking at a dinner, public speaking, meeting new people).
  • Experiencing significant distress as a result of disputes with co-workers, boss, or friends.
  • Experiencing anxiety (heart going fast, stomach pain, nervousness) when you anticipate or participate in social situations.
  • Having negative thoughts (‘I am not interesting’, ”What I have to say it’s not important’).
  • Tendency to isolate yourself.
  • Social skills problems.
  • Problems developing intimate relationships.
  • Difficulties relating to people when you not under the influence of alcohol.
  • You are an adult child of an alcoholic parent

What will you get from the group?

  • Learn to identify feelings and thoughts playing out in your social interactions.
  • Identify the scope of the problem.
  • Recognize the relationship between your moods and interpersonal experiences.
  • Learn strategies to address problem.
  • Experience the benefits of different relaxation techniques: muscle, breathing, and visualization
  • Identify the relationship between mood and thoughts, mood and behaviors.
  • Identify negative self-talk that interferes in your social relationships.
  • Set goals and objectives to achieve them.
  • Support and encouragement to make active changes in your life through personal projects and group discussion.
  • As a result, you will feel more confident and your mood will improve.

Adults with attention deficit / hiperactivity disorder

Learn strategies to manage difficulties generated by ADHD: gain self-control, lower impulsivity and reactivity, and achieve your goals.

The group treatment is also offered in Catalan.

Group details

What:   This group will meet for 7 (11/2 hours) weekly sessions.

Fee: 195 euros (material included).

When: Contact us to get the times and dates for upcoming groups.

Self-development, managing emotions and self-esteem

Improve your relationships and social habilities

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