“This cannot happen to me”.  Divorce is a reality and it can happen to everyone.

The myths around divorce contribute to experience it with higher emotional distress. Divorce is abnormal. Divorce breaks families. Divorce destroys children. Getting divorced is a failure. Getting divorce is very expensive and means to start a war, magnify little incidents and turn them into abuse, violence, etc. Divorce makes people crazy.

Divorce is not an event but a process, a transition that includes a series of stressful events that produce changes in the everyday life of each family member, such as the family reorganization, rethinking family finances, moving to a new home or starting legal procedures. Taking these factors into account, we speak about emotional divorce, physical divorce, financial divorce or legal divorce. Each one follows its own tempo and can influence the others.

Adaptation to this transition in the family life cycle is attained when you have been able to establish a life style and identity independent from the ones you had during the relationship.

Depending on what door you knock to get professional help, you can get a good or a bad divorce.