Mediation for elderly parents care

Mediation for elderly parents care

Sharply raising longevity leads to more elderly parents in need of help.

Even well-functioning families can experience tension when facing difficulties related to the care of the elderly parents. By law their children are equally responsible to take care of their elderly parents, but traditionally it tends to fall on the shoulders of one of them, for gender or proximity factors.

Talking to elderly parents about their health and safety is not an easy task. In difficult moments, the decision that one of the son/daughter takes can have a profound emotional impact on the other. When one son/daughter perceives the favoritism of one of the parents regarding their care can elicit conflicts or make old ones surface. At the same time, the son/daughter that takes on the daily care responsibilities can feel burdened.

Even families that function well can experience tension when confronting difficulties related to the care of elderly parents. Sons and daughters are equally responsible before the Law, although traditionally it tends to fall on the shoulders of one of them, for gender or geographical proximity factors.

Mediation helps families reach agreements regarding the care of their elderly parents and the resulting financial expenses.

What advantages bring Family Mediation in the Elderly Care?

Family mediation goes further than reaching specific agreements.

  • It helps to overcome communication blocks to talk about important subjects before it’s too late
  • Parents maintain their dignity and autonomy by being involved in the decision making of their own care
  • Sons and daughters can divide different financial and care responsibilities, rather than falling all on one of them, even if they do not live close to the parents
  • Family members collaborate to create a plan according to the particular circumstances
  • Communication and relationships improve
  • It significantly reduces the family stress