Coaching during process

Coaching during the separation or divorce process

During this accompanying process or coaching, you can receive specific help in the different stages of separation: the decision, the physical separation, the legal divorce…

It helps you navigate this process of emotional turmoil.

You can establish the following objectives:

  • Establish a vision of what a good divorce is
  • Identify your resistances to change
  • Lose fear of change
  • Plan changes that involve rethinking family finances
  • Separate your couple relationship from the coparenting relationship
  • Improve communication, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills
  • Communicate more effectively with your expartner
  • Identify coparenting objectives centered in the needs of your children
  • Improve coparenting cooperation
  • Avoid unnecessary anxiety and debilitating crisis during the divorce stages
  • Prevent negative consequences of divorce
  • Understand the difference between a well managed and poorly managed conflict
  • Recover your self-confidence and strength in yourself
  • Equip yourself with tools to give security and support to your children during the process
  • Establish priorities aligned with your values
  • Overcome adversity in a responsible manner