Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

We live in a social context in continuous change. Our lives rhythm requires the ability to react and adapt immediately to the daily challenges. This may generate stress, which can affect our personality traits and adaptation difficulties.

Individual Psychotherapy offers you a space of accompanied reflection that allows us to comprehend how you function, what are the dynamics in which you are involved.

We will identify the helpful behaviors as well as those that represent an obstacle to achieve your goals.  At the same time, you will learn new tools that will allow you to manage your emotions as well as conflict at work and in you personal relationships, with the family, couple, or friends.

My approach in Psychotherapy combines different elements of change-based models, brief, systemic, narrative, solution-focused, and cognitive behavior therapies. I collaborate with my patients to use their resources in their social network to implement changes.

The most common problems I treat include:

  • “I often have periods when my mood is very low during more than four days and I want to overcome that”
  • “My mood affects my school or work performance”
  • “I cannot fall asleep unless I take pills or drink and I want to address the issues that keep me from sleeping well”
  • “I have a tendency to withdraw from people and I don’t want to feel lonely”
  • “My partner complains that I see everything negatively”
  • “I often think of dying as a solution to my situation”
  • “I just started a new job and have difficulties adapting to the work demands or to a colleague”
  • “I cannot concentrate in my studies and I need help to succeed”
  • “I suffer from heart palpitations and irritability and want to address it”
  • “I have irrational fears or obsessions that cannot take off my mind”
  • “My relationship with my partner is deteriorating and each time we argue I loose my energy”
  • “I have communication problems with my parents, siblings, or friends”
  • “I have suffered a traumatic experience and feel overwhelmed with emotions, memories, sensations, and I have difficulty trusting people”
  • “I often get angry and want to learn to manage my emotions, specially anger”
  • “I want to feel more confident”

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