1. I often have my mind off the task I am doing.
2. I often get sidetracked from the task I am doing.
3. I often forget obligations, appointments, errands, appointments, payments, or doing tasks.
4. I often procrastinate to get started when the task requires mental effort (avoid filling out forms, long readings).
5. I often have difficulties organizing my belongings or have difficulties managing time (deadlines, appointments).
6. I often have difficulty finding important things I misplace or loose at home or at work (mobile phone, glasses, wallet, school or work material)
7. I often make careless mistakes (overlook or miss details) at work or school.
8. I often have difficulties staying focused or paying attention to what is being said during conferences, class, conversations, or reading.
9. I am easily distracted by noise or activity around me.
10. I often fidget or tap hands or feet, or move in my seat when I have to remain seated for a long time.
11. I often feel I am driven by a motor, overly active.
12. I often have difficulties remaining seated during meetings or other situations.
13. I often feel restless, or difficulties relaxing during my free time.
14. I often talk excessively.
15. I often finish the sentences for other people or answer before they have finished the question.
16. I have difficulties waiting for my turn (lines, conversations…)
17. I often interrupt others while they are talking or playing or use their things without their permission.
18. I am loud in social or play situations.
19. Did you experience some of these problems before you were 12 years old?
20. Have these problems affected your family, school, or social life significantly?