Alcoholism Screening


This is a free and anonymous self-scoring test that helps assess if you have a drinking problem. It is not a diagnostic tool.

Instructions: Please indicate with a "YES" or a "NO" if you agree truthfully with the following statements.

1. I drink more than most people.
2. I drink to calm my nerves down.
3. I need to drink to warm up before I go out.
4. I often cannot recall what I did the night before when drinking.
5. I have attended an Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting.
6. I have gotten into physical fights after drinking.
7. I tend to become argumentative after drinking.
8. My partner, my parent or a close friend complain or worry about my drinking.
9. I cannot stop drinking easily after I have one or two drinks.
10. I have felt guilty after drinking.
11. My partner, a close friend, or family member has asked for help about my drinking.
12. I have lost friends because of my drinking.
13. I have had negative consequences in my job or school because of drinking.
14. I have been irresponsible with my family obligations because of my drinking.
15. I often drink in the morning.
16. I have had abnormal lab liver results related to my drinking.
17. I have experienced severe shaking and visual or auditory hallucinations after I stop drinking.
18. I have asked for help for my drinking.
19. I have blood relatives who are /have been heavy drinkers or alcoholics.
20. I have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.
21. I have been arrested for behavior related to drinking.